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Johnny Fortuno


Johnny Fortuno has been praised by critics and celebrities alike as one of the top Elvis stylists in the world. Johnny’s vocals along with his handsome looks & charisma bring the audience back to the performances they wished they had seen so many years ago. He has a raw energy and powerful stage presence which makes his live appearances so thrilling and enjoyable.

Johnny has been singing his whole life. His talent was recognized early on by the late & legendary Don Ho. Who when first heard Johnny, said “you sound like an old friend of mine Elvis Presley.” There were no vocal coaches and, as Johnny became known his popularity and recognition blossomed and his voice began to soar. Early in his career he began singing in the Don Ho show, & then went on too headline a wide variety of prestigious musical productions like Legends in Concert & more recently Calvin Gilmores Tribute the concert. Johnny has performed around the world and throughout the United States in cities such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City & Myrtle Beach. Over the last Five years Johnny has been performing in his own show in Las Vegas and has enjoyed the privilege of regularly sharing the stage with the legendary Stamps Quartet, Elvis Presley's backing group from 1972 until 1977.  The demographics at Johnny’s shows are across the board from 5 to 80 years old, and all are stunned by his portrayal of the King of rock n roll.

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